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NEW! 8RATE: Rush tickets for teens available at certain theaters -- read more here (for teens) and here (for theaters)!


NEXT NIGHT OUTS: When Up Next organizes a specific night for a group of Up Next-ers to attend a show, we call it a Next Night Out. Next Night Outs are great chances to meet other teens who share an interest in theater-going. (View our upcoming Next Night Outs here.) To right, a group of Up Next teens at a NEXT NIGHT OUT at Shotgun Player's Phaedra, Sept. 2011.

FOCUS THEATERS: Every season (one year, June - June), Up Next chooses several theaters whose shows seem relevant and exciting to teens -- generally smaller, less well-known, and contemporary theaters around the Bay Area. Most of Up Next's show-going activities are centered around these theaters. (Check out our current season of Focus Theaters here.)

TEENS SEE TEENS: Sometimes Up Next gets discounts on shows that are performed (or even directed, designed, and teched) by teenagers. This is a great chance to not only see some great theater, but also support friends (and youth/teen theater in the Bay Area!).

FOCUS ACTORS: In addition to a season of Focus Theaters, Up Next chooses two Focus Actors per season. Up Next teens get a chance to meet each Focus Actor outside of a theater environment (i.e., for coffee), and then go see them throughout the year in shows around the Bay Area. This is an exciting way to connect with the theater community and get to know some of the actors on and off the stage. In future seasons, we hope to expand "Focus Actors" to "Focus Artists" and follow directors, scenic designers, costumers, and more. (Check out our current season of Focus Actors here.)

BLOG: Are you a writer? Up Next is always looking for teens to contribute reviews, thoughts, and musings about theater to our blog. Email submissions to info@upnextteens.org to be featured on our blog.

SCHOOL OUTREACH: More info coming soon!

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